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  1. mike says:

    Hi i joined the zerolossformula and the broker they gave was h.b.c broker they asked me to deposit $250 which I did and was told my account manager would call me back he did and asked me to deposit another $750 I smelt a rat and told him I would think about it he said he call me the next day needless to say he has not called back I think I have scamed do not trust this broker!

  2. Andromeda Anne says:

    Started with $250.00 and was forced to add $250.00 for a promise of a bonus of $500.00 but in the end you will get nothing because they will tell you that they cannot do business with your sooo small investment. Felt humiliated for the guy telling me that but still insist on asking to invest $5000.00. When I informed the broker to stop the trading and I will withdraw, nothing happened and that’s when I complained. I have sent an email to them and the following day, the same broker called me (I know he got pissed off!) and was telling me that it was my fault because I invested for a small amount and that he turned on the robot when in fact I informed him to stop it he told me it is not possible. Now the $500 investment is below $100, although, I submitted a request to withdraw, he informed me that it will just be used up by the robot by the time HBC Broker to approve the request. You will see that the broker intentionally pulled me down last Nov.15, 2016 when I declined to add the $5000 investment! Lesson learned…if you can do it by yourself then do it alone and don’t get fooled by these cunning people.

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