• Adiel

    Is option robot reliable?…I want to know this before I make a deposit!

    • It depends more on which broker you choose to use. Find a list of good brokers for you at: http://scambroker.com/top-rated-brokers/

    • robert blair

      I live in Canada and I was trying to signup with Option Robot, but the only brokers that were offered were FM Trader and Markets Trading. What is this BS about the ability to choose your own brokers. Why can I not choose 24 Option, Stockpair, Banc de Binary, etc.? These other brokers look very scammy, so what is going on here?

  • jason


    Empire Option is a SCAM targeting people in North America.
    Sometime last year, I opened an account and made the minimum deposit. I used their so-called robot and in a 3 minutes, I lost all my money. I got a call from one Sebastian promising that if I made a deposit of $2,000.00 he could trade manually with me over the phone and we could make 70% in profit. I gave it some thought and couldn’t find any negative review about Empire Option online.

    I gave in to his offer after several weeks of him calling me on phone. We exchanged emails and phone calls just a few minutes before I made the deposit of $2,000.00, but the very moment I made the deposit, Sebastian ignored all my calls and emails for 2 weeks. I was only able to get him on the phone when I chose an option from their prompt that I needed help making a deposit. At this time, he claimed he was Juan Cortez and Sebastian was not in office. He hung up on my face while yelling that “Sebastian is a busy man and doesn’t have time for your bullshit”. It was at this moment I realized all the tricks he has been playing all along. He hardly responded to my email and preferred to talk over the phone. One time I called him and had him on speaker phone because I was multitasking, he claimed he couldn’t hear me but kept saying “no” when I asked if he could hear. My guess is he thought I was recording the conversation. When you call, you can hear the same recorded background noise giving you an illusion that he is in a financial services environment. Do not fall for this.

    It should also be noted that they tell you that you can withdraw your money anytime you want, but this is very false. Any attempt to do this will always give you an error in Spanish. It has been almost a year and I still cannot get a refund of my money. I can’t even get them on the phone. you get put on hold for 3 minutes and the call hangs up.


    • Heike Jones

      Yes, Jason the same thing happened to me with EMPIRE OPTION and it even seems the same joker called me as well luckely I did not put a fortune into that account I still have money in this account and they refuse it back to me.Calling them is useless they act like they can not hear you ! SCAMERS.
      I also could not find any information about them.and I thought I did my homework.But I will report them as scammers whereever I can find a complaint site. Criminals.