Alvexo Review

Alvexo Review

Alvexo is an established CySEC licensed Forex & CFD broker, that is owned by VPR Safe Financial Group Limited. Alvexo is located at: 1 Agias Fylaxeos Street, Limassol 3025 Cyprus.

Their phone number in Cyprus is: +357 250 30937 and in the United Kingdom: +44 203 769 9390. Email address for account verification is:

Official brokers website is at:

Alvexo Reviews

The Forex Broker Alvexo offers investors the popular MetaTrader4 trading platform. They have available the desktop standalone version along with the web based and mobile versions.

They offer in total more than 60 underlying assets for CFD trading. This includes; all popular currency pairs, stock market indexes, agriculture and energy commodities like Brent, Crude Oil, Corn, Coffee, Wheat and Sugar. Crypto Currency trading is available on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum. They offer some of the tightest spreads for Bitcoin trading.

Alvexo also provides new and experienced traders with basic or enhanced education through the Alvexo Trading Academy. Investors are provided with high level market updates and news, by way of a blog maintained by high profile writers, see here.

Their website and customer support is available in English, French, Arabic, German and Italian.

Alvexo Forex Trading Platform
Alvexo Forex Trading Platform


Maximum leverage on currency pairs, commodities and indexes is 1:30 for retail investors and 1:300 for professionals. The spreads vary from as low as 0 pips on ECN accounts, to 3.3 pips on the classic account. Trading on leverage is very risky, and new traders should make sure they fully understand the risks associated with using margin.

Minimum deposit for new accounts is only $250, and there are 4 different account types which offer various benefits.

Alvexo Brokers Account Types 2018

Alvexo License

When the Scam Broker Investigator reviews a broker to know if they are a scam or legitimate, we check if they have a valid license. The main reason investors always use a licensed broker, is because then you know your funds are kept in segregated accounts.

Alvexo is licensed and regulated by CySEC in Cyprus, which is a member of the European Union. Their license number is: 236/14. It is also registered at the FCA (Reference number: 683301).

Broker Open Account


Compare Alvexo

Smart investors always research more than one broker, so that they can make a good choice. You need to compare brokers based on their: minimum deposit, commissions, spreads and  available assets.

ForTrade is a broker that is licensed and authorised by FCA England, see here. Investors enjoy using their customized trading software which is user friendly.

Get a Free demo at:

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Are you currently trading with Alvexo brokers? Please share your experience in the comments below, so that other investors can read it.

6 responses to “Alvexo Review”

  1. Marvin says:


    Is alvexo a regulated company or not are they good enough to do business with?

    • Alvexo Trade says:

      Dear Marvin,

      Alvexo is a regulated global Investments brokerage. We specialise in global financial markets – offering the best possible trading environment.

      You can find more information about the company on our website.

      Sincerely yours,
      Alvexo Compliance Team

  2. Igoris Bryzachinas says:

    I would like to share my story.
    Please stay away from this company Alvexo, I lost $25000 in total in 2 months my life is effected and health too. When I start with Alvexo I get 1 million promises, I will get support good training. I was introduce to the Antonios Hamdan account Executive Supervisor (biggest layer I ever see in my life) all he dose just keep asking you invest more to have more training time with him. 07.03.2017 I invest my first $2500 after many promises on 14.03.2017 invested $7500 to get Prime account, more time together. in one week I receive only few training and on the 22.03.2017 he force me to invest another $4000 to get at list twice per day training. Not even 1 per day training I receive. All trade was done together was 80% lost. So I start trading by my self. What lead me to catastrophic situation. He sow me doing mistakes and never fixed me up all he was telling keep open positions 3 times I requested Antonios to be change because, he always late to our appointment or didn’t call at all. I managed to change him by calling Alvexo to another account executive. My situation what so bad and I was force to invest another $11000. I follow every step account executive was giving me in 1 week I and up with $8000 and after another week I receive phone call to hage my positions, or my account will be close. Last week we suppose to have 2 appointment Wednesday and Friday 10:00AM on Wednesday I was ill so email what from Thursday I am available any time. No replay back no appointment on Friday 10:00AM. Only today when my account went to 0 I receive phone call blaming me in all situations what happen. Guys sorry for my English I been in stress and are lot effected by Alvexo unrespectable actions. All they interesting invest you as much as you can and loose all. I hope none will get in this situation I am right now. Please stay away from this company full of layers!!!

    • Alvexo Compliance says:

      We are very sorry that this has happened and you have had such an experience with Alvexo.

      We at Alvexo Financial Brokers work very hard to offer distinctive services to all our Client’s and as per our Company’s policy all complaints need to be submitted along with the complaints form and a reference number will be provided to the complainant within 5 business days.
      As a regulated company our Compliance Department has already provided you with the relevant reference number and as per our communication with you, your matter is currently being investigated in great detail with all the concerns you have raised.

      Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      • Igoris Bryzachinas says:

        Just to let you know, investigation has been finished and I am happy with results. Alvexo has returned part of my money.

        • Ajay Shekhawat says:

          Does Alvexo explained why you had such a bad experience?
          Also did their compliance team followed your complain sensible and kept you advised?
          Will you again trade with Alvexo?

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