AvaTrade Review

AVAtrade Broker Review

AvaTrade is an international Forex broker, that is part of the Ava Group of companies. They are one of the oldest CFD brokers, founded in 2006, with offices located in: Canada, Japan, Australia, Ireland & British Virgin Islands.

Their United Kingdom phone number is; +441733592168, Australia +61731713530, and +1 212 941 9609 for the rest of the world. Contact email address is: customer@avatrade.com.

Official website: AvaTrade.com.

AvaTrade Review

Investors at AvaTrade can use the proprietary AvaTrader platform, MetaTrader 4, AvaOptions and their WebTrader. Mirror Trader is a nice software for those trades seeking automated Forex trading by mirroring / copying the trades of other traders.

Their list of available assets for trading at AvaTrade includes over 200 Forex pairs, Commodities (oil, gold silver), Indices (majors and minors) and stocks. They recently introduced Crypto currencies; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and XRP, see complete list.

Traders should always read the terms of broker bonuses, as we receive many complaints from traders that accepted a bonus and did not understand the trading requirements associated with the bonus. You can read about broker complaints look here.

They are still one of the few brokers offering leverage as high as 400:1, look here.

AvaTrade Reviews

Automated Forex Trading

One of the most popular aspects of this broker is the wide selection of automated trading solutions they offer. They are integrated with a variety of service providers like DupliTrade, MQL5 Signals and ZuluTrade, look here.

(We caution you, that using automated trading software is extremely dangerous, and can result in the loss of your entire trading account.)

AvaTrade License & Regulation

AvaTrade is licensed by various financial regulators depending on your country of residence. Using a regulated broker means you have a place to turn too when you have a complaint.

  • AVA Trade EU Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, #C53877, which covers the entire European Union.
  • Friedberg Direct is a member of the “IIROC”, Investment Industry Regulatory Organisation of Canada.
  • Ava Capital Markets Australia Pty Ltd is licensed by ASIC in Australia #406684.
  • Ava Trade Japan K.K. is licensed by the FSA Japan #1662 & the Japan FFA #1574.
  • Ava Capital Markets Pty Ltd is licensed in South Africa by the FSB license #45984.

With the recent volatility in the Forex markets, traders are now very much aware of the importance of only trading with a licensed and regulated Forex broker.

AvaTrade Brokers Licenses

Open AvaTrade Account

Compare AvaTrade

There are many Forex brokers to compare and choose from online. We have reviewed a few other high quality forex brokers here.

24option is a popular European licensed Forex / Crypto broker. They offer a very easy to use platform, and Free Demo Accountssignup here.

Best Forex Brokers

35 responses to “AvaTrade Review”

  1. so, who are the safest online brokers?

    • Kevin Gurnsey says:

      I also made a request to redeem money from my account 6400961 via wire transfer over a week ago. My account still shows as funded with no activity reported on the ‘trading summary’ page, nor have I received any form of contact confirming my request. It’s like they have vanished. Hope I’m wrong…I expect to receive the standard form email …due to our heavy volumes…bla, bla, bla…

  2. Mohammed Zaki says:

    They are the worst brokers, always they make delays in request and because of them i lost huge amount just because the broker did not process my request to withdraw on time while i was calling 2-3 times daily. beware of them. also they say if you put this amount we will give 20% bonus, my last deposits they did not add anything. cheaters

  3. Lynda Tate says:

    I also put in for a withdrawal and there has been nothing.

  4. h nabil says:

    They have the worst customer support I have been calling them since yesturday 20 times,emailed them went on facebook and online chat you cannot get hold of them anywhere.

    I have deposited my money and because it was not transferred into my account I have lost money and there they are

    dont care about your lossess worst broker ever never ever ever open an account with them.

  5. Scott Snowbody says:

    Can’t believe I got ripped off!!! Luckily I only transferred $100 instead of the 30k I was planning to invest. NO online help, can’t call them, Fkn nothing!! All I wanted to do is find a way to buy some cyber currency instead my real hard earned cash is now floating around in cyberspace or being spent by some fkwit. my message to all readers, ITS A SCAM!!!!!!!

  6. Jacob Rein says:

    You had a paypal option? It looks like they disabled it from my account.

  7. Kamil says:

    Strongly disadvise, cheaters and scammers. After registration i deposited 100 euro, and after that it came out that my account is inactive and I have to activate it first, sending documents. I can’t of course withdraw my money because of that (it shouldn’t be possible to deposit money on inactive account you scammers!!!!!!) After sending documents week passed and still no activation. I can’t withdraw my money and I can’t do anything. Additionally I have received an email from . these thieves to deposit additional 300 euro…. Chat with consultant isn’t working, there is just an information about the queue, after waiting all day the queue number didn’t changed. 20 people all day. Keep away – scammers and thieves. You will only lose your money.

  8. Kenneth Vestergaard says:

    they charged my Credit card I have not asked to complete my account or uploaded id and you steal from my credit card the Bank have closed my card and are notified that AVA trade without my agreement have taken VDK AVA CAPITAL MARKETS LI -10.684,00 from my creditcard Stay away or they steal your money

  9. Nelson Miliani says:

    the case of AVTRADE, and the refusal to credit the funds in the accounts is already very serious, I think it is a shameless scam

  10. Silva S says:

    its already a month (since 28th Nov ) they holding my money, not depositing to the account. no email reply, no chat available, no calls answered,..

  11. Dave Jones says:

    I signed up 4 weeks ago with a 100% signup bonus and never received it. I have sent over 10 emails and did not receive any response. I confirmed with the online chat BEFORE I signed up and one of their agents called me to confirm it and still nothing. I belong to a investment club and I will be informing all of them and their friends about it if I do not get a response this week.

  12. Venkat Ganesan says:

    Hi there, My account number is 5175737. I have requested for withdraw of funds. can u please process it?


  13. Alex Luis says:

    I made a deposit on December 28 and still didnt get the funds credited to my account… I sent them all the required documentation as well as proof of the wire transfer… Today is Juanuary 5th and still no funds on my account !!
    My account number is 5198706

  14. Anthony todd says:

    If you have a backlog. Simple stop adding more and look after your customers or loos them all

  15. ameer says:

    AVA trade. Very bad broker when it comes to withdrawals. i requested a withdrawal on 22/11/2017, they cut my withdrawal from my trading account but i have not received it yet. live chat and phone numbers are just fraud, they never answer .customer support do not reply to emails at all. i try almost everyday to call them but no answer. i got an email after a week that said we sent your funds back to your bank account, but i did not receive anything.

    It is the fourth time i am having the same problem.last time i received my withdrawal after two and a half months after at least 50 emails. they sent me a bank slip that they have already sent back my funds, which i took to my bank, but my bank said that they have not received any money from AVA bank account.
    I will not recommend AVA to anybody.
    I have traded with Markets.com and when it comes to customer care, they are excellent. they reply your every call and email immediately.
    A/C No. 5144893

  16. David Coates says:

    They are basically con artists. They have no problem accepting your funds, but then never verify your account so that you can make withdrawals. No answers their customer service phone line, no one answers the live chat, and no one answers emails. Do not use this fraudulent organisation!

    • Stephen Hollyoak says:

      i’m finding the exact same problem, deposited funds, but its been almost 5 days now and my account has not been verified and no response to any emails.

  17. Stephen Hollyoak says:

    No problem with accepting my money before I upload documents but the minute you want to withdraw it even after sending verification documents account still not verified and can not withdraw my money. Sent multiple emails and had no response. Wish I had read the reviews on here before using these. If they are scam artists then they need to be shut down ASAP so no one else has to be fooled.

  18. Omar Take says:

    I faced the exact same problems – no one answers the phone, they claim to send funds and find all sorts of excuses not to send my money – These people should be reported to the authorities, they must be making millions from victims like us

  19. Aoife says:

    Exact same problem, have not had my account verified yet even after uploading all the documents. I just want to get my deposit back especially after all the bad experiences. Emailed four different AVA email accounts, called four times and used live chat. no answer. Has anyone any suggestions about how to take this further?

  20. Mirnalini says:

    Worst experience ever. UAE users please do not go with this. Transferred money is not yet credited to account. This is 2nd deposit. My account 6444478. 101% you wont get any response for your concerns. Lost Hope and Trust these guys. Let us join as UAE users and create awareness among the users, if the concerns are not addressed.

  21. Lindiwe Dube says:

    Since November trying to get my money from this broker. They sent me an email on the 24th Dec that my funds will be transfered within 5-10 working days. still today nothing. noone answers the phone.

  22. Sébastien Sénéchal says:

    indeed, the customer support is extremly slow, and contacting them is impossible
    however every customer has an agent, indicated in the first mail they sent you
    so send your request to him/her
    he is quite helpful

    also I do have widthdrawal issues with them since a montn and has driven me insane. reason was that the swift was refused in quebec because they are not registered with my province. but they did send the payment

    talk to your agent, it will make things move

  23. Aderibigbe Abiola says:

    I made a deposit also on 29th, of January,but I have not heard anything from thieir customer service even after sending a couple of mails to them.Also the money has not reflected on my account.All my effort to reach them on phone did not work.What do i do?

  24. jason donald says:

    How did you get on with this? I facing the exact same problem.

  25. jason donald says:

    Whats the outcome to this pal? Im having serious issues as well

  26. Charbel Achkar says:

    File a complaint with the Irish ombudsman and Ireland central bank asap..
    If you are in Australia I urge to file a complaint with ASIC..
    Or the regulator in SA..
    They don’t understand any other Language these shameless crooks..

  27. Charbel Achkar says:

    Bogdan, file a complaint with the Irish ombudsman and central bank of Ireland Asap..
    Also file a complaint with the authorities in your jurisdiction..
    These thieves have to be stopped..

  28. Charbel Achkar says:

    They have closed traders positions in crypto currencies without consent or notification..
    That’s illegal and they should be shut down for it..
    But hey there are many many other issues like not answering emails and phone calls..
    Chat doesn’t work either.. This is unacceptable for a financial company..
    One more reason to shut them down..
    They are rude and leave the chat abruptly if you were lucky enough to be able to chat with
    a consultant..
    Withdrawals are next to impossible and they create many excuses..
    AVOID AVOID AVOID like the plague!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Avanelle Sahadeo says:

      Yeah it’s true their chat does not work but I have to disagree, they are 100% legit, I got a withdrawal done in 2 days and this is after opening my account 3 weeks prior and verifying it.

  29. Frankie Kovacs says:

    Hi, I’m from the USA and plan to open a trading account with AVA. Are you accepting new clients from the US?

  30. AvaTrade says:

    Hello, Frankie! Due to regulations, AvaTrade cannot accept clients from the USA. Kind Regards, The AvaTrade Team

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