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DupliTrade Review


DupliTrade is a European licensed automated trading software, for Forex and Crypto Currency trading. DupliTrade is connected with some of the best, licensed, Forex brokers in the world.

We reviewed this Forex auto-trading robot and immediately noticed how professionally it was made. They took a no nonsense approach when they created it, and we like that there are no flashy videos, or promises of huge profits.

Choice of Licensed Brokers

DupliTrade is integrated with some of the largest licensed Forex brokers like: Fusion Markets, AVAtrade, Pepperstone, Equiti, Moneta Markets, ICMarkets, AxiTrader, FXDD and more.

One of the biggest problems with Forex and Crypto currency trading today, are the offshore Forex brokers, that are not regulated by a government authority. If you use an unlicensed broker, then you will end up having problems getting your money back.

Once you have created an account with DupliTrade you are presented with a list of brokers they work with. Select one of the brokers from the list below, and create your new trading account.

Duplitrade Available Brokers 2022

DupliTrade Technical Review

It is safe to say that the DupliTrade is one of the most professional Forex robots we have reviewed in a long time.

When comparing and choosing an automated trading system, the first item we look for is the ability to choose a licensed broker, and the second thing we look at are the settings available for us to configure.

The software currently offers seven Strategy Providers; Legacy, Apollo, Ruby, Carbon, Emerald, Pearl, Amber and Stox. You can see in the screenshot below, detailed performance information about each one of the strategy providers. When you dig deeper into each strategy, they are very transparent with information about profits, loss, max draw down, and more performance details.

Signup for a Free Demo Account at: https://www.DupliTrade.com.

Duplitrade Best Strategy Providers

DupliTrade Settings

Strategy Provider: Choose which of the five strategies you would like to copy.

Trade multiplier: Set the proportional size of your trades, compared to the trade size of the selected strategy. For Example: System Trades: 1, You Trade: 0.5.

Allocated Funds: Choose the funds you would like to allocate for each strategy. Meaning you can divide the funds in your account, across multiple strategies.

Currently the minimum balance needed to use the software at your broker is $5,000. DupliTrade is not a broker, but an automated software that trades your account. When you create an account, you will see the process to link the software with your brokerage account.

Is Duplitrade a Legit App?

DupliTrade is operated by DT Direct Investment Hub Ltd. Official Address is: 74 Archiepiskopou Makariou Cā€™, Amaranton Court, 2nd Floor, Mesa Geitonia, Limassol, Cyprus. They are a licensed and regulated Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with license number: 347/17.