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Bitcoin Trend App Review


Bitcoin Trend App is an old Crypto Currency trading software, that originally opened in March 2018, and promises to make you a lot of money.

Here is what you need to know about The Bitcoin Trend App system, before you become the next victim of the classic Forex investing scam.

Bitcoin Trend App Scam

Here are some of the problems with this new trading software called BitcoinTrendApp.

  • Firstly, they are exactly the same as the investment scam called Bitcoin Loophole.
  • They claim “Earn Up To $500 an Hour From Bitcoin Even When Crypto Is Crashing”, however none of their users ever did that.
  • Displayed on the websites ( &, “Only A Few Spots Left… Enter your email below and become the NEXT BITCOIN MILLIONAIRE”. This is also not true, because we opened three accounts with three different email addresses.

Bottom line: The sole purpose of the Bitcoin Trend App, is for you to invest with their fake brokerage firm, and lose your money.

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BitcoinTrendApp Official Scam
Bitcoin Trend Scam

Bitcoin Trend App Review

Authentic trading algorithm software and robots are suppose to use technical analysis that generates trading alerts, and invests the money in your trading account.

With the BitcoinTrendApp, we registered for the trading robot, and they immediately ask us to deposit money at their brokerage firm. A major problem is that their Forex broker is not regulated, and a proven scam that the FCA has warned users about.

Investors have no ability to see the trading signals or play around with the software, until they have made a deposit.

Therefore, we can only assume that Bitcoin Trend App is just a “get rich scam” whose purpose is for you to invest at the unlicensed broker Get Financial.

BitcoinTrendApp Trading Software
BitcoinTrendApp Reviews

Warning About Fraud Brokers

It is important for every investor to know, that your money is held at a broker, and if that broker is not licensed, you will never see your money again! When you learn how this scam operates, read this, you will understand why they would connect you with an unlicensed broker.

BitcoinTrend App lies on their home page and wrote: “your funds are insured by a regulated & approved broker”. Meanwhile directly investors to an offshore unregulated broker.

If you are interested in trading Crypto Currency CFD’s, go look at the list of regulated brokers here.

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Scam Alert

Do Not Invest in This Scam Software, read why.

Please tell other investors which scam broker the BitcoinTrendApp told you to use, in the comments section below.