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Etika NFT Trader Review

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Etika NFT Trader is a new automated trading app that was released in June 2022. With the craze in NFT investing still going strong, many former Forex and Crypto trading apps, are now reinventing themselves as NFT investment systems.

Etika NFT Trader Scam

Smart people always ask before investing, what is the catch? This sounds too good to be true, is it a scam? Well the answer is that yes, it is a scam.

Will you make millions, thousands or even hundreds from this trading system? No.

Before you too become the next loser in a “Get Rich Quick” trading software, read in full details how the Crypto Investment Scam works. On our website you will find 200 reviews of trading apps just like this one, and you will see that they all have the same results.

When you signup for the Etika NFT Trader at: You will simply be redirected to a CFD broker. Interestingly, we were redirected to a broker called Naga Global. While they are a European broker, they are not licensed in South Africa. They do not offer NFT creation or trading. They are a classic CFD broker.

So basically, if you think this system will show you have to create an NFT and sell it for millions, you are mistaken.

Official Etika NFT Trader Review

Etika NFT Trader Review

So you read the scam warning above about Etika NFT Trader, and now you want to know about the people who actually make money using the software.

If you are looking for the login to the Etika NFT Trader app, you can go back to the website you registered on, and login to the website. Once you are there, there is nothing to see, because there is no unique trading app.

The whole system is a “funnel”, with a purpose of getting you to deposit money at an offshore broker. What is a funnel, it is the industry terminology for an advertisement. Since you are not allowed to advertise an unregulated brokers on Facebook or Google, funnels are created to get you to signup.

Since 2013 the Scam Broker Investigator has reviewed almost 900 trading apps and brokers. It is safe to say that 90% of the brokers we reviewed are no longer in business. Many of the brokers were outright scams that stole millions for unsuspecting clients.

How can you make money by investing in Crypto or NFT’s?

The first thing to do is go an find a legitimate broker that is licensed and regulated by your countries financial regulatory agency. You can see some popular brokers look here.

Learn the difference between trading on an exchange and trading CFDs. There is no reason to trade Crypto CFDs without leverage, when you can buy and sell the actual crypto coin directly on an exchange. There are many CFD brokers today offering Crypto trading with leverage, and their spreads are wider than trading on a crypto exchange.

Attention Readers!!!

Please share with other unknowing investors in the comment section below, which crypto broker the Etika NFT Trader told you to use.