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Warning: This broker is not licensed or regulated by the CFTC.

Read here to see why you should only use a licensed broker.

Morton Finance BrokerMorton Finance is an unlicensed binary options broker that opened in September 2015. They are owned by Chromex Capital LTD which is located at: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, MH96960 Marshall Islands.

Morton Finance’s phone number is; United Kingdom +44 203 807 0260, and USA (866) 895-4576. Their email is For common complaints about brokers read this.

Scam Trading Software

Trading Software ScamWARNING: You will not make money using Copy Buffett, or another fake software, see why.

Even though the video you watched, promised you will make thousands of dollars!

Read more on how the scam works here.

Morton Finance does not allow traders to use any automated trading software.

Their terms and conditions say;

18.2 If you integrate an automated or semi-automated device on the Morton Finance browser or platform in lieu of your personal interaction or utilize a backdoor API; we will consider your activity system abuse and we will nullify your position or cancel your account with Morton Finance.

This means that even if you have luck and make money using Copy Buffett or Cobalt Code, your account will be cancelled and you will not get your money.

Trading Platform Review

Morton Finance runs on a basic binary options trading platform. The trading platform offers high / low binary options, at multiple expiration time frames. Starting at 60, 90, 120 seconds, going out to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly options. The returns on EUR/USD options were 70% when we reviewed the site.

Their website is only available in English and the minimum for new accounts is $350.

Morton Finance Binary Options

Morton Finance License

When the Scam Broker Investigator reviews a binary options broker to determine if they are a scam broker or legitimate broker we check for a license. A broker can receive a licensed from many financial regulators including the CFTC in America, or in Europe from CySEC, or ASIC in Australia.

Morton Finance is not a licensed broker. On October 26th 2015, FINRA published an investor alert regarding offshore binary options brokers. Read the alert on FINRA’s website here. To see the updated list of licensed and regulated brokers, look here.

Their billing is handled by: C.C. Services Ltd,  Prestige Business Center, 49 Patriarch Evtimii blvd, 4th floor, Triaditsa District, Sofia 1463, Bulgaria.

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What was your experience trading with Morton Finance? Please share your review in the comments below.

28 responses to “Morton Finance Review”

  1. chris says:

    I unfortunately signed in with Morton Finance and put a deposit of $300 US dollars into a account with them. Originally I wanted to sign in with Virtnext but when I went to the Virtnext website and signed in I got a direct call from Morton Finance in London that said I had to sign in with them first to get started. Unfortunate for me I put my money because a manager told me I had a 30 day guarantee I could get my money back. I then got an email from Virtnext saying I had to deposit $250 dollars to get in with them. So total was now $550 dollars when their website said it would be just $250 dollars to start up. I have called the manager Simon Marsh in London many times and he never answers. He said he would call me back the next day, today, and never did and the trader there said he would call me in a couple of hours and never did. Looks like I got stuck with a scam. Is that the case? How can I get my deposit of $300 back? Can you assist me with this.

    • Bill Boren says:

      Friday April 15, 2014 Morton Finance. (My first time trading via CopyBuffet)

      -Only EUR/USD was traded. No other pairs were possible?

      -All four trades were made exactly 1 hour apart, almost to the second!





      It is statistically impossible for an automated system, looking supposedly for 95% sure wins, to only pick one specific BO pair and trade exactly one hour apart!

      -All were one minute trades!

      This is BS. One BO pair, EUR/USD, was set up on a timer to trade one hour apart!

      Obviously designed for me to lose!

      I tried one more time, on Monday April 18, 2014. Can you guess what I got?

      Same exact thing. EUR/USD, and notice the time 16:18:25! Exactly like Friday!

      We need to unite and fight these scam artists! Email me at bilwebore@gmail,com it you wish.

    • Straight Edge Energy Man says:

      Contact your credit card company and tell them you were scammed.

    • mythic says:


      Did you make the deposits through a credit card or bank? Contact the bank and post a “dispute of charges.” Request a “dispute number.” Go on line, find every complaint about the broker and print them out. Print out every email and withdrawal request. You are particularly interested in their “guaranteed withdrawal” advertisements and complaints about withdrawals. Go the brokers “Terms and Conditions.” You will probably find a sentence that says they only make the trades and do not give advice or recommendations. Print that out and underline those lines with a pen. The bank or credit card will send you a letter with a number – sometimes the number is in the very last line in the letter. The basis of your complaint is “failure to provide benefits and services advertised, promoted and promised in telephone conversations.” Further, “The contract I signed is invalid as they deny the very services that they are selling, i.e. auto trading or recommendations from the broker.” If you can find the broker advertising helping you by making recommendations, on line – print that out. Assemble all of your printouts and fill in the letter from the bank or credit card. Put everything in an envelope and send to the bank or credit card customer service department. If you work it this way, write a lot of letters to the credit card or bank – do not hassle with the broker- let the credit card or bank go after them as swindlers, charlatans and frauds, that they are. Send the credit card or bank lots of data proving the brokers are crooks. Work with the bank/credit card to establish that you were scammed and they can reverse the charges.

  2. chris says:

    After making this post is there someone there to ask how I can get my deposit back from Morton Finance

    • Gene says:

      I wish I had the answer, I’m trying to get my $4000.00 back from them. It’s still sitting in my Morton account and all I can do is look at the balance. Were you successful in figuring out how to get your money back?

  3. Charles Martin says:

    I too, was scammed into allowing a deposit of $300 with Morton Financial through The Drexel Code. When the supposed 100% accurate trade recommendations started automatically accruing losses down to $140, somehow it reflected a message that I had used all of my 8 trades allowed for the day. What??? I immediately requested a refund of the $140 supposedly remaining in my account and they responded with further requirements on my part to submit to them for further verification a color copy of the front and back of my Driver License, Credit Card Used, A Declaration of Deposit?, and a copy of one of my utility bills. After potential losses that I had already suffered and after doing my Due Diligence (which I should have done more thoroughly), I was not about to send them any further information that they could potentially use to further scam me out of additional funds through their fraudulent means. So, I don’t know really who the scammer is; The Drexel Code or Morton Financial or both. AVOID…AVOID…AVOID…Caveat Emptor!
    You’ve been warned.

    • ChyEl says:

      And I got scammed today by this same shit Morton Financial. It went into this Centument Software for auto trading connected with the Morton Financial. But it doesn’t even allow me to trade anything (both Auto and Manual trading). Keeps giving error of “Failed to Add”.

    • Gene says:

      I ended up with Morton Financial through Virtext, another huge scam…stay away from and Virtext

  4. Jay says:

    I made my way to this group via Social Tech Trader…another scam binary trading system. Started out with $300, down to $200, and now I have request my remaining balance to be credited back to my card…we will see how badly this goes, but my guess is that they are just as bad as Glenridge Capital. If you want a decent trading platform, try CToptions or a regulated, American company listed above; Nadex is probably the best American company, and they are regulated.

  5. Jay says:

    Update: After having my account “verified” by their “compliance department”, when i went to withdraw my money, I was told that my account was “not in compliance” by their scamming account exec “David Lewis” (if that is really his name). I told him (basically) that he (and his company) were full of $4!t, sent my email that was sent from their “compliance department” stating I was in “compliance”, and then things fell silent. I have been hung up on several times trying to contact this “David Lewis” character, I have been promised call-backs that never happen, and, in other words, I have been scammed. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, and stay away from any other that go under the heading “Grey Mountain Management, LTD.” They are (more than likely) funneling money to terrorist organizations, and their middle-eastern accents kind of give them away (that is my opinion): either way, you will LOSE YOUR MONEY. (Also, stay away from the following: The Push Money App and Social Tech Trading…those two things got me in twice with Grey Mountain Management fraudulent brokerage firms)…stupid me.

    • Gene says:

      Upon my request to withdraw $4,000.00, they told me I cannot withdraw when I have running trades on my account. I have 2 trades (already paid, as you know); 1 expires 10/19/2016 and 2nd one expires 11/19/2016. They claim I will be able to withdraw my funds then. Do you know of an organization I can reach out to for help in withdrawing my money RIGHT NOW, before Morton’s disappears? Thank You!

      • EmilyP says:

        Gene and Chris. I lost $13,800.00 to these peoples. Only after over 2 months of “foot work” and filing complaints, I am beginning to be refunded. Please contact Sandra . So far, this lady has been the only one to help me get my money back. Good luck to you both. I also called Grey Mountain directly in Ireland. If you have funds in your account, they can close it for you to get your funds. If it’s negative (like mine was) you need to go thru Morton Finance. Sandra can help you.

  6. Craig Robson says:

    Edgedale finance is also a scam run by jeffrey cox it is a scam they put all your funds on a couple of bogus trades then say bad luck if you have any money left you might get 1 small withdrawal and then u will not hear from them again nor will they reply to emails or phone,stay well clear I lost a lot

  7. EmilyP says:

    Morton Finance’s “professional” advisors traded my account down from $13,300.00 to $97.00 in 1 month.
    These people are scam artists. Open an account with them and you will never see your money again!
    Please stay away from Morton Finance. The website says it’s based in the UK but all “advisors” have middle eastern accents.

  8. Daniella Jones says:

    Dear Emily,
    I apologize for the dis-satisfactory experience you had using our services. I have emailed you in regards to this matter.
    If you will require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at my email
    Best Regards,
    Daniella J.
    Customer Relations Manager

  9. Tom Atherton says:

    I joined Morton Finance via Push Money with my $300 dollars and then I got a call from a lady named Emily who set me up with an autotrader software, and then I was called by a man named Danny MorganI who said that he was an executive accounts manager but that I would need 50000 for him to work with me which I said I didn’t . On top of that he told me that the funds were “insured” and I couldn’t lose them. I was hesitant so he sent me to his manager who said that they were if I did the trades exactly like Danny told me to. Bottom line I gave them 37000 life savings and 20000 on my credit card which I was told would be put back before the next billing cycle. With my money they had a less than 33% accuracy rate and yes I lost all the savings and went 20000 into debt because they didn’t put it back onto the credit card. they also gave me a bonus which I never requested which required me to do 196000 in trades before I could get money out. Right now the account has less than 600 in it. My advice do trading in your own country. This was a very painful life lesson for me

  10. EmilyP says:

    I joined them about a year ago. All in all I put in $15,000.00. Surprise! Their expert trade advisors caused me to lose virtually all of what I put in. After I complained loudly I did manage to get $8,000.00 back and was promised the other 5K but I’ve not seen a penny of it and they ignore my emails. Morton Finance is a con.

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