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Option Robot Review

OptionRobot Review is one of the original Forex trading robots. The Option Robot was first developed in 2014 by a team of European software developers. The software is now connected with 5 Forex / CFD trading brokers, and the best part is that you see how the software works in demo mode.

Option Robot Review

The official Option Robot was one of the Top 3 Automated Trading Systems in 2017. While there are many scam trading systems out there sending  spam email, and making flashy videos, when you look at this trading system you can see it is strictly business.

The system has multiple options for you to configure, and this is the reason we like it.

Option Robot Software Setting Review

Brokers at Option Robot

The most common complaint you will see in the binary options forum is about scam brokers, that work with scam trading robots. The nice part of is that you have the ability to choose you brokers.

There are many brokers that are currently connected with this software, and each month more brokers are added. You should read our reviews of these brokers: Roiteks, Olsson Capital, FintechPrimeGreenFields Capital, TraderOnline and eMarketsTrade. (Sadly, None of these brokers are licensed in Europe or Australia.)

Configure the Option Robot Setting

Max Simultaneous Trades: This is the number of trades that the system will have going at the same time. Expiry: This is where you tell the robot which option to trade. You choices range from 60 second options to one hour options. Amount: Here you set how much money the robot should place on each trade. The minimum is $20 per trade, and it goes as high as $600 for high rollers.

Method: Here you choose will you be trading Classic, Martingale or Fibonacci. Currencies: This Option Robot trades 8 forex pairs.

Indicators: You choose from 7 indicators (signal sources). The indicators are what the signals are generated from. So if you select Trend for example, the software will start placing trades anytime there is a pattern that matches.

Option Robot Results

You may have seen the scam robots advertising 90% accuracy, and guaranteed success. You will not find any promise like that with the Option Robot.

The reason has to do with your ability to control the software. Since you decide how many signals, and which signal the robot should trade, your results will never be the same as another persons results. And this is one of the reasons that it is such a popular robot. You the investor, sets up everything!

Caution! If you try out the demo mode, will all the options selected, you will be amazed how many trades the robot can place at one time. So be careful, and select a low number.

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