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Revenur is an unregulated Crypto / Forex Broker, that launched their trading app on June 5th 2020. It seems their website no longer works.

For complaints and withdrawal problems at a broker, read this.

Revenur Brokers Review

Our review of the new broker Revenur find, that their investors and day traders are given the web-based CFD trading platform, made by Finantick. The trading software is 100% web based and they offer CFD trading on a variety of underlying assets including; Crypto Currency, Forex, Shares and Market Indexes.

If you are a serious investor, you will quickly see that Revenur does not have MetaTrader4 or any mobile trading apps. They copied a picture of the trading platform used by PrimeXBT, and are not showing what their actual trading app looks like. (see image below)

Revenur doesn’t disclose on their website the legal entity that owns the brokerage firm. They list a phone number in the United Kingdom of: +442038076708, and a contact email address of:  [email protected]. A few physical addresses are also mentioned, but those are not real. The official website is at:

Get Rich Quick Apps

Hundreds of “Get Rich Quick” trading apps, which promote Crypto trading are spread online via native advertising on Facebook. For example, we signed up for a software called Bitcoin Code, and they promised that we will make a lot of money by doing nothing.

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Revenur Trading Review
Revenur Trading Review

Is Revenur Legit?

No, Revenur is not a regulated broker.

The way that Scam Broker Investigator reviews a new Crypto or Forex broker, to see if they are legit or a scam broker is by checking the FCA for a license. All brokers in the United Kingdom must be authorised and regulated by FCA. There are many websites proclaiming to be legit brokers, but without a license, they cannot be trusted with your money.

Before investing with an online broker, it is incumbent upon you to do your due diligence, and check for an active government license.

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ForTrade happens to be a fast growing broker, and they are regulated in United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Europe, read more. You can signup for a free demo trading app, and experience their unique and user friendly trading app, signup here.

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