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Weed Millionaire Review

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Weed Millionaire is a viral online investing scam, which falsely promises naive investors they will make tons of cash.

Before you become the next victim of the classic investing scam, take a minute to read in details about online investment scams.

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Weed Millionaire Scam

The problem with the Weed Millionaire Software, is that it is identical to Bitcoin & Crypto scams that we busted last year. They take the latest investing craze, make a video about it, and send emails to millions of people. If you look at the email address of the person who sent you the invite, it probably came from Crypto Genius.

Another reason why “Weed Millionaire” is a total scam, is because they claim their software has a 99.7% level of accuracy. If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

The website was only registered on November 27th 2018, and it went live on December 5th 2018. In six months from now, the website will no longer be operational, and there will be twenty different websites offering the same product.

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Original Weed Millionaire Review

Our full investigative review of Weed Millionaire reveals that this software is actually fake. When you compare it with an authentic automated trading system, you will understand why there is no possibility to make money with the Weeds Software.

We received the same email that you did, and were sent to the website at: https://weeds-millionaire.com/. When we signed up, they directed us to an offshore broker, and told us to deposit $500 there. We tried to find a way to login to the software, and had to go visit: https://weeds-millionaire.com/app/sign-in.

We tried to look at the software, but again, we were asked to make a deposit. We wanted to see what the historical signals were, and their results, but historical data was also not available to see. Therefore, like the rest of the Crypto systems which proved to be scams, we feel that Weeds Millionaire is the same.

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Weed Millionaire Scam or Legit

Offshore Broker Warning!

It is important for every new investor and trading to know, that your money is going to an offshore broker. Since the company is not regulated or FCA licensed, you will never see your money again! 

Go and see how these types of scams have been running for many years, read this article. If you want to really invest in Cannabis or Pot Stocks with Contracts for Difference, then you should use one of the licensed brokers.

Scam AlertWARNING! The Celebrity Endorsement You Saw is Fake!

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Please tell other investors which scam broker they told you to use. In our case, they sent us to the offshore broker INVCenter.