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Bitcoin Billionaire Review

Bitcoin Billionaire

The Bitcoin Billionaire trading app, is actually a fake Crypto CFD trading bot, that opened in September 2019. It advertises false promises as to how much money you will make if you invest with their shady brokers. Before you fall victim to the Classic Crypto Investing Scam, this is what you need to know about Bitcoin Billionaire.

Bitcoin Billionaire Review

Real automated trading software for Crypto or Forex is available from companies like Duplitrade for example. A real auto trading system or Copy Trader, allows an investor to configure all aspects of the software, before making a deposit. Real trading apps are usually based on a technical indicator, and “automatically” make trades for your account.

With the Bitcoin Billionaire, we are not sure which website is the original and which one is a copy. We did a google search and found; claiming to be the official one. Then we read a reviews website, and they sent us to

When we signed up for the trading app, we were automatically redirected to a Crypto CFD brokers deposit page, asking us to deposit money into a brokerage account. We had no ability to see the actual trading app, how it works or what it does.

Therefore, we can only assume that Bitcoin Billionaire is just a “funnel” to get you to deposit money at a dangerous unlicensed broker.

Bitcoin Billionaire App Review

Bitcoin Billionaire Scam

The problem is that Bitcoin Billionaire is no different than other scams we have written about like the “Bitcoin Loophole“. They make false claims on their website that you will profit hundreds or  thousands of dollars a day, but the truth proves the opposite.

The reason why “Bitcoin Billionaire App” is a total scam, is because they write on their website, ” Hurry! Don’t miss out on your chance to make millions. There now are only a few places left!” But that is not true, since we were about to opened three accounts, just by using multiple email addresses.

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Look at what they write about possible potential profits. It is impossible to make 25 times your money by trading CFD’s. You would have a better chance at the lottery!

“Earn £6,325 daily? It’s possible and here’s how:”

The sole purpose of this trading app, is for you to open a CFD trading account at the Crypto CFD broker they choose. It our case, they sent us to BTCTradings & InvestXE, which are offshore brokers.

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Bitcoin Billionaire Review
Bitcoin Billionaire FAQ

Scam Alert

Do Not Invest With This App, read why.

Is This Software Safe?

No, Not at all. You need to understand that your money is going to an offshore broker. Most people who invest with an offshore broker, never see their money again!

Take a minute to read and learn the tricks that unregulated brokers use to steal peoples money, read this. If you are interested in investing in Crypto, you can find a list of regulated brokers here.

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